1.  Accounting Systems and Auditing

Ivana Mamic Sacer 

Dr. Ivana Mamic Sacer is a full professor at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business, Croatia. She is a head of Department of accounting at Faculty of Economics and Business. She received Ph.D. in 2005 in the field of accounting information system. She is a course coordinator for International accounting, Governmental audit, Basics of Accounting and Analysis of financial statement. Ivana Mamić Sačer is a lecturer on several postgraduate studies and author of more than 60 papers. She is a president of Internal Auditing Chapter at Croatian Association of Accounant and Financial Experts Zagreb. She has been a speaker and/or participant at several international congresses, sessions and conferences.

Beata Zyznarska-Dworczak 

Dr. Beata Zyznarska-Dworczak is an assistant professor at Accounting Department of Poznan University of Economics and Business. She is a certified auditor - a member of Polish Chamber of Statutory Auditors. She is an ordinary member of the Polish Association of Accountants and also a member of the Polish Economic Society. She is 14 years lecturer of subjects such as Financial Reporting, Advanced Financial Accounting and Financial Auditing. She is an author of more than 50 papers relating determinants for the development of accounting, corporate reporting and financial audit. Her current academic interests are: non-financial disclosures in corporate reporting and sustainability assurance.

2. Business Model Innovation for Industry 4.0

Maria do Rosário Cabrita

Ph.D. in Business Administration (Institute of Economics and Business Administration, Lisbon Technical University). She is Assistant Professor and researcher at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She also works as consultant in national and international projects. Specialization:Strategic management, intellectual capital, knowledge management, innovation and sustainability, measuring intangibles, financial and accounting.

José María Viedma Marti

José M. Viedma is a Doctor of Industrial Engineering, a graduate in Economics and Professor of Strategic Management of Intangibles at UPC Polytechnic University of Catalonia and UPC School of Professional & Executive Development in Barcelona, Spain. He has held top executive positions in computer services and management consultancy firms. He is president and founding partner of the “Intellectual Capital Management System” and founding partner of M&A Fusiones y Adquisiciones. He is also founding member of “The new club of Paris”, CISC (Comunidad Iberoamericana de Sistemas de Conocimiento) and IAKM (International Association for Knowledge Management). Jose teaches and researches on the subject of knowledge management and intellectual capital management at the micro level and knowledge economy and knowledge based development at the macro level. He is an advisory board member for a number of journals. His current field of interest is focused on the strategic management of knowledge, intellectual capital and intangible assets practical research and he has consulted and developed a number of management frameworks and systems worldwide. His international research has crystallized in practical methodologies such as ICBS, SCBS, CICBS, RICBS and NICBS. Further information can be found in:

3. Competitiveness

Francisco Cesário

Degree in Economics at ISEG / University of Lisbon, MPhil in Business & Management - Specialization Human Resources Management at Middlesex University Business School (UK) and PhD in Labor Sciences at the University of Cadiz (Spain). From 2012 to 2013 he went to the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) to do a Post Doc integrated in the WOPP-Work, Organization & Personnel Psychology Research Group where he continues as Associate Researcher. Has 10 publications in Scientific Journals and Conference Proceedings, 4 chapters of books and 2 books published. He regularly presents communications at national and international scientific events in the field of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior. In 2014, it participates in 2 research projects funded respectively by FCT and Portsmouth University. From 2011 to 2013, 31 Master's Theses in the scope of HR Management and Work Psychology were completed under his guidance and 1 Doctoral Thesis in Labor Sciences. In 2014 he will be giving 16 Master's Theses and 2 Doctoral Theses in Organizational Psychology. He has been an Assistant Professor at the European University since 2012 under the scope of the Master's Degree in Human Resource Management and since 2010 Assistant Professor at the ISPA University Institute. For 20 years he has held several human resources management positions at Companhia Portuguesa Rádio Marconi and companies of the Portugal Telecom Group.

4. Consumer Satisfaction and Retailing

Blazenka Knezevic 

The associate professor at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business, Croatia. Blazenka Knezevic holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration (Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, Croatia). She is an Associate Professor at the Department of Trade. She teaches several graduate and post-graduate courses: Retail information systems; Economics of electronic commerce; Trade and trade policy; Procurement management; Supplier relationship management. She is the principal investigator at scientific project supported by Croatian Science Foundation. She participated in various international research projects and numerous professional research projects. She did PhD thesis on „Importance of knowledge in value creation in trade“. She has published more than 40 papers in conference proceedings, books and academic journals. She is a member of the editorial board of the Business Excellence Journal (BEJ) and advisory board of Entrepreneurial Business and Economics Review (EBER). She is the regular reviewer at several international scientific journals in fields of retailing, distributive trade supply chains and distribution.

Ivana Plazibat

PhD, she is the assistent professor at University Department of Professional Studies, University of Split, Croatia. Her educational and reserach interst focus on retail management, consumer protection, logistics and inovations in the retail industry. She teaches several graduate and post-graduate courses all regarding different aspacts of retail industry. She frequently reviews papers for international journals and conferences. She has published papers in conference proceedings, books and academic journals and participated at several international congresses, sessions and conferences.

5. Doctoral Workshop

Anthony Wensley 

From University of Toronto, he is actively engaged in education and research. His educational interests focus on developing innovative educational experiences for over 650 undergraduate students. In these endeavours he is supported by a wonderful team of faculty and staff. Anthony's research addresses the use of technology to improve the quality of health care services, knowledge management and the management of knowledge and intellectual property. Anthony is passionately interested in supporting innovative ideas that improve the quality of life for students and a wide variety of community stakeholders. He travels widely seeking out innovative ideas and practice.

6. Gaming in education, scientific and market research and business activity

Szymon Truskolaski 

Doctor of economic sciences. Entrepreneur and author of scientific publications. CEO of Doji Educational Innovations - a company specializing in serious games development and business gamification. Expert in design tools, their use in business practice and education. The originator and designer of the economic simulation game "Coffee Noir", transferring knowledge of trade negotiations. An enthusiast of new technologies and the classic strategy game. 14 years lecturer at the University of Economics in Poznan.

Justyna Majewska  

Doctor of economic sciences at the Poznan University of Economics and Business, Department of International Economics, a member of Tourist Research Center. Her research activities include: spatial econometrics and big data analysis, studies on the spatial aspects of tourism development, with a particular focus on tourism function, tourism destination governance, instruments of local policy, as well as innovativeness, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and knowledge-intensive services (KIS). Moreover her research interests concern gaming and gamification in various contexts.

7. Human Resources Development and Education

Gary N. McLean 

Ed.D., Ph.D. hon., he is president of McLean Global Consulting, Inc., a family business. As an OD practitioner, he works extensively globally, especially in Asia. He recently worked in the Graduate School of Management in the International Islamic University of Malaysia as “Renowned Scholar.” He teaches regularly in the PhD program in HRD at NIDA (National Institute for Development Administration) in Thailand. Previously, he was a Senior Professor at Texas A&M University. He is professor emeritus and co-founder of the HRD program at the University of Minnesota. He served as President of the Academy of Human Resource Development and the International Management Development Association. He has served in editorial roles on a number of peer-reviewed journals in HRD and management. He is extensively published with books, book chapters, and journal articles. He has also presented numerous keynote addresses and workshops. His research interests are broad, focusing primarily on organization development and national and international HRD.

8. Human Resources Management

Sylwia Przytuła

Associate Professor in the Department of Human Resources Management at the Wroclaw University of Economics. To her research and scientific interests belong: expatriation, international HRM, the cultural differences in global business. She is a member of SIETAR Poland (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research), HEF and IMISCOE (International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion). Author and co-author of dozens of scientific publications in English (co-author of : Global Talent Management- Management for Professionals, A. Al Ariss (ed.), Springer, 2014, Intercultural Interactions in the Multicultural Workplace, Springer, 2016 ). She participated in numerous international studying visits and internship for academics a.o: Erasmus University (The Netherlands), Aalborg University (Denmark),Malaga University (Spain), University of Applied Sciences Mainz (Germany), Porto University (Portugal), ESCIP School of International Business (France), Malta University, DCU (Ireland), Pennstate University (USA), Renmin University (China).

Katarzyna Tracz-Krupa

Assistant Professor in the Department of HRM at the Wroclaw University of Economics. Her academic research include: Training and Development (T&D), Human Resources Development (HRD), European Social Fund (ESF), SMEs and public institutions in terms of HRM.   She has authored and co-authored more than 40 papers in academic journals, conference proceedings and books related with these topics. Participant of many scholarships, traineeships and academic visits, including Oxford University, Hamburg University and Loyola University in Chicago. She is in charge of  International Human Resources Management (IHRM) and Business Communication (BC) postgraduate studies in English at Wroclaw University of Economics. She has also extensive professional experience in coordinating numerous projects from European Social Fund.

10. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Manfred Bornemann 

Earned his Ph.D. in 1998 on "Measuring Instruments in Knowledge Management" as an assistant professor at the Karl Franzens University of Graz, Austria. He specialized on issues relating to the management and valuation of intangible assets. Since then he published regularly in international conferences and built a reputation as speaker in topics of Intellectual Capital Management, Organizational Learning and Innovation. He was invited to teach at more than 15 international business schools and universities. Since 1996 Manfred developed his consulting company Intangible Assets Consulting in Austria and successfully contributed to issues of the assessment and management of Intangible Assets from the perspective of applied research. So far more than 200 projects have been completed. Project sizes range from startup companies to small and medium sized organizations to stock noted companies in almost all sectors of industry. The project scope covers for-profit as well as non-profit and public administration. Among the key achievements so far ranks an ongoing research project "Intellectual Capital Statement - Made in Germany" in the context of the Working Group on Intellectual Capital (Arbeitskreis Wissensbilanz) since 2004. Visible results are a well established guideline and a software solution for the evaluation and management of intellectual capital. After early positive results, the project won EU-commission funding under the name of InCaS in a broad consortium. The experiences of these prototypes could be published and were well received by German readers. Current topics of work include the development of policy instruments for knowledge-intensive organizations, the development of approaches for Integrated Reporting and identification of patterns for the management of Intellectual Capital in the context of Organizational Learning.

Susanne Durst 

An Associate Professor of Business Administration at School of Business at the University of Skövde. Her research interests include intellectual capital management, entrepreneurship, and corporate governance. Specialties:Business
transfers of small and medium-sized (SMEs), the buyer´s perspective in business transfers/managerial succession, corporate governance in SMEs, knowledge management in SMEs, meaning of intangibles in SMEs´ succession process, identification of and reporting on intangibles related risk; organizational turnover in SME.

11. Intellectual Capital and Intangible Assets Dynamics

Aino Kianto 

Dr. (née Pöyhönen), D.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.) holds a full professorship in Knowledge Management at the School of Business and Management of Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland. She also is the academic director for the Master Programme in Knowledge Management and Leadership. Her teaching and research focus on knowledge management, intellectual capital, creativity, innovation and organizational renewal. She has authored and co-authored more than 100 academic articles, papers, books and book chapters related with these topics. She has been called one of the most prominent academic figures in the field of intellectual capital and has received several awards for research excellence, e.g. 4 of her papers have been recognized with the Emerald Literati awards. She has been involved in a responsible role in 9 different research projects dealing with knowledge management, intellectual capital and innovation, e.g. she was the leader of the project Intellectual Capital and Value Creation where knowledge-based value creation was examined across 6 countries. Professor Kianto’s expertise spans outside the academia: e.g. she is the inventor of the ORCI-method, used for assessing and developing organizational renewal capability in more than 100 organizations across Europe, has worked with the Future committee of the Finnish parliament and regularly lectures for practitioners.

Agnieta Pretorius 

The Assistant Dean: Postgraduate Studies, Research and Innovation at the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology of the Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa. She is currently the chair of the Faculty Committee of Postgraduate Studies, the Faculty Committee of Research and Innovation and the Faculty Research Ethics Committee. Prior to her academic career, she was a software developer. Agnieta is an NRF rated researcher. Her current domains of research include knowledge management, innovation management, assessment of intellectual capital, decision support systems and software engineering. Her work is published in esteemed academic journals such as International Journal of Innovation Management, Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management and International Journal of Engineering and Industrial Management. She frequently reviews papers for international journals and conferences. She has worked with a number of software developing organisations in South Africa, Germany and Sweden

12. Knowledge Management

Costantin Bratianu 

He is a professor of Strategic Management and Knowledge Management, UNESCO Department for Business Administration, and Founding Director of the Research Center for Intellectual Capital, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania. He is co-founder of the international journal Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy, and associate editor of Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the European Conference on Knowledge Management and chairs sessions on Knowledge dynamics and Knowledge strategies. He is a member of the International Association of Knowledge Management. He was one of the Guest speakers at the first edition of TAKE in Aveiro. His academic interests are: knowledge dynamics, knowledge management intellectual capital, and strategic management.

13. National Cases

Danielle Dimitrov

Dr. Danielle Dimitrov is an alumna of the George Washington University, HRD Doctoral Program.  Dr. Dimitrov has a 12-years practical experience in the fields of HRD and Hospitality Management. For the last 9 years, she has established a long, rich, and diverse teaching portfolio at 5 universities.  She has taught at the graduate and undergraduate level at: Carey Business School, The Johns Hopkins University; Department of Human and Organizational Learning at the George Washington University; The School of Business and the College of Education and Human Development at George Mason University; The Graduate School at University of Maryland University College; and The Organizational Leadership Program at Argosy University, VA. Her research interests dwell on the concepts of: the Humane Organization, sources of meaningfulness, employee engagement, collective motivation, cross-cultural diversity, neo-liberalism in higher education, international workforce motivation in the global knowledge economy. Dr. Dimitrov presents regularly at international academic and professional conferences and publishes research papers in various international journals. She is the holder of the Emerald Literati Network Award for Excellence from 2013; the Allan Moon Memorial Prize, presented by the University Forum of Human Resource Development, from 2011; and the Academy of Management Organizational Development and Change Endowment Fund for research from 2008.

14. Practicioners Track

Eduardo Tomé 

 PhD in Economics (2001), with a Thesis on the European Social Fund. Since then he has worked in several Portuguese private universities. He published 24 papers in peer-reviewed Journals and presented 48 papers in international conferences. He also authored 3 book chapters, He run MSKE 2009, ECKM 2010, MSKE 2011 and UFHRD Europe 2012 at Lusiada University, from which he co-edited the Proceedings and edited three Special Issues in EJTD, EJKM and IJKBD (in print). From September 2013 he works in Universidade Europeia in Lisbon, Portugal

15. Public policies

Carlos Jalali

Assistant Professor and member of the board of the Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policies Research Centre of the University of Aveiro, where he coordinates the PI2 - Public Policy Institutions Innovation research line. He earned his doctorate in political science from the University of Oxford, having previously received an M.Sc. in Development Economics (University of London) and a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (University of Oxford). His research has been published in Party Politics, Journal of Political Marketing, European Journal of Communication and South European Society and Politics, among others.

16. Knowledge Management in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Florian Kragulj

Researcher at the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria), Institute for Information Business. His research and teaching is on knowledge-based management and organizational learning. He has (co-)authored more than 20 papers in conference proceedings, books and academic journals. He currently runs a long-term project with the Institute for Applied Research on Craft and Trade (Institut für angewandte Gewerbeforschung) which is funded by the Austrian Economic Chambers. He is in charge of the scientific project management. Florian Kragulj obtained his PhD in Economics and Social Sciences from the WU Vienna. His dissertation was on the impact of explicit knowledge about needs on organizational learning processes. Moreover, he holds a master's degree in Cognitive Science. He has regularly research stays at the Eötvös Loránd University Budapest

17. Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Gaby Neumann

Professor on Engineering Logistics at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau. She received a Diploma in Materials Handling Technology from the Otto-von-Guericke-University of Technology in Magdeburg and a PhD in Logistics from the University of Magdeburg. From December 2002 to June 2009 she was Junior Professor in Logistics Knowledge Management at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering there. Since 1991 she also has been working as part-time consultant in material handling simulation, logistics planning and specification of professional competences in certain fields of logistics. Furthermore, she has been active in professional training and further qualification on logistics simulation, logistics knowledge management, e-learning in logistics and media development (also in an international context) since 2003. Her current activities and research interests are mainly linked to fields like problem solving and knowledge management in logistics, logistics simulation and planning, and especially technology-based logistics learning, didactics of teaching logistics as well as logistics competence profiling and assessment. She has widely published in those fields and regularly presents related research papers at national and international conferences.

18. Teaching and Learning in the Knowledge Economy

Adriana Schiopoiu Burlea

Adriana Schiopoiu Burlea is a professor of Management at the University of Craiova, Romania. Professor teaching and research in Human Resources Management, Project Management, Social Audit, Corporate Social Responsibility, Negotiation Techniques at University of Craiova, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in Romania. Visiting Professor teaching and research in Cross-Cultural Management BEM Bordeaux Management School, 680, Cours de la Libération, Talence, France. Visiting Professor teaching and research in Human Resources Management at University of Corsica “Pasquale Paoli”, IAE Corte, Corte Corsica, France.  Visiting Professor teaching and research in Human Resources Management, Intercultural Management at Saint-Etienne School of Management (SESOM).  Professor Adriana Schiopoiu Burlea is Romanian ambassador for ARGH (Association Francophone de Gestion des Ressources Humaines) and member of the Académie des Sciences du Management de Paris.  She is member in many organising committee for national and international conferences. She stimulated and encouraged the cooperation between her university and the other universities around the world (for example, Co-operation with staff and teacher from other International Universities in various scientific projects – For example universities form France, USA, UK, Swiss, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Norway and Holland).